Apostrophes V: never born except within the other

E.D. Blodgett



Apostrophes V: never born except within the other
by E.D. Blodgett
ISBN 1-894543-13-0
Poetry 2003

$15.00 CAD/USD

Long-listed 2004 Relit Award for Poetry

     "...Take your time to savour this book.  Imbibe it slowly.  For inspiration, I prescribe a poem a day, taken just before bed.  Your own work will be the richer for it.  But beware: this book will whisk you away to wider realms than you might have imagined hitherto.  (It took me forever to write this review, since a single verse might fill my imagination for a day, a week.)  In Apostrophes V, long lines become song lines, sweeping you past the right hand justify, onto the next round.  The thought is broken or continued by the line.  E.D. Blodgett writes like the wind, where he listeth.  His line delivers the light to the next line.  White space of snow surrounds the print on the page.  There is a finely tuned sense of space, of specific place.  The fire of these poems is in the light, slanted, northern, a long light leading out past the horizon to planets, moons and suns.  In specifics we find a direct route to the cosmic.
     Blodgett’s sharpened sense of observation allows you to experience the depth of his vision.  Metaphysical perceptions are grounded in the telling detail that brings them to life, that tells the midden he is mining.  E.D. Blodgett is our Prairie Henry Vaughn...." Penn Kemp (Poetry Spoken Here)