by Blaine Marchand

Nominated 2009 Lampman-Scott Award



“The poems in Aperture reduced me to tears. Nothing I have read elsewhere captures the haunting beauty of Afghanistan as does this small volume of poetry. Blaine Marchand has lived among and traveled with the people of Afghanistan, and has come to appreciate their tenacity in overcoming obstacles. From the subdued stillness of villages amid high mountain ranges to the vehicle-choked clamour of its cities, he empathizes with Afghanistan’s throbbing life. The poems literally infuse you with the tumult and serenity he so brilliantly describes.”

The Honourable Flora MacDonald, PC, CC

   “In a land where words alone remain to mark a tortuous passage through time, Blaine Marchand has paused long enough, ears open, eyes alert, to inscribe the luminous terrain of Afghanistan and the tender, renegade heart of its people. To see the burqa as a refuge, the kite as a flag of freedom and bicycle riding as a symbol of the delicate balance required for life in Afghanistan requires a very special kind of insight, a poet’s kind.”

Gary Geddes