Apostrophes: woman at a piano

E.D. Blodgett



Apostrophes: woman at a piano
by E.D. Blodgett
ISBN 0-9699904-0-5
Poetry 1996

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Winner 1996 Governor General's Literary Award for Poetry
Winner 1997 Canadian Authors' Association Award for Poetry
Finalist 1997 Stephan Stephansson Award for Poetry

An integrated collection of 66 exquisitely shaped and controlled poems, each of these exhibits and conveys all signs of a fully developed poetic sensibility providing a window on the world the poem's speaker inhabits, one which necessarily dovetails with the world most human beings negotiate. This is not a juvenile talent publicly learning the poetic ropes at the readers' expense. Instead, the sophistication of arrangement, thought, and metaphor bespeaks a uniquley gifted point of view.... The Globe and Mail [Toronto]