Buying Books

How to purchase books directly from BuschekBooks:
Send an email to

The email should indicate which book(s) you want (title, number of copies) and the address to which the book(s) should be sent.
The book(s) will be sent to you together with an invoice.
Once you receive your book(s) please send your payment (cheque or money order) to:
BuschekBooks, P.O. Box 74053, 5 Beechwood Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K1M 2H9, Canada.

The prices (per copy) are listed on the TITLES page.
Payments are accepted in either Canadian or US currency.
Taxes: GST/HST will be charged on Canadian sales.

Shipping will be charged on all sales.

BuschekBooks Authors:
Please follow the instructions above. The BuschekBooks' author discount applies to any titles purchased.

Trade Orders:
Please contact:
100 Armstrong Avenue
Georgetown, Ontario
L7G 5S4
Tel. (1-800-591-6250), Fax (1-800-591-6251)


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