One of the Chosen

Danuta Gleed

Short Fiction


One of the Chosen
by Danuta Gleed
ISBN 0-9699904-3-X
Short fiction 1997

$14.95 CAD/USD

"One of the Chosen takes us into a world very few know about except in a vague waythe world of the Displace Persons of the Second World War. Several of the strongest stories are set in Kenya, where a Polish family tries to make sense of the loss and outrageous displacement. How does one carry on a "normal" existence in such circumstances? (The answer is, one doesn't.) The beauty of the writing saves these stories from being almost too unbearable to read. But the saddest thing of all is that this, Danuta Gleed's first collection, is also her last. Let it stand as a memorial to her talent, her perception and her people." Audrey Thomas