Seasons of Blood

Henry Beissel



Seasons of Blood

by Henry Beissel

ISBN 978-1-894543-67-5

Poetry 2011

“Seasons of Blood takes on the world of greed and material interests. It’s a bold, impassioned plea to forsake the conflicts and wars that are the legacy of this blindness, in exchange for an immersion in nature and love. Yet the nature Beissel presents here is not just nurturing and beautiful, it’s violent and cataclysmic, where winter is ‘not a season / but a destiny for every sun’ and where spring, we are told, ‘leaves a train / of blood / up and down / paths of renewal.’ Not an easy path, since the mind must journey ‘on pain of death / to reach fulfilment.’ In the face of these challenges, the poet asks:

Is there not ecstasy enough
in this perpetual holocaust of creation
for a love to encompass all?"  Gary Geddes