And Once More Saw the Stars:four poems for two voices

by P.K. Page and Philip Stratford

Poetry and Letters 2001


"And Once More Saw the Stars (May 2001) is a gem of a book by P.K. Page and the late Philip Stratford.... Page and Stratford wrote four poems over the course of two years, with intervals during which Stratford coped with cancer of the throat and the loss of his voice as a result. He died during the course of their correspondence, so the fourth poem remains unfinished. The result is a fascinating, bittersweet glimpse into the process of writing poems, since the book contains the correspondence between the poets, the poems in progress, and the finished works. More than this, it is like being a fly on the wall of poetic process: the exchange of letters between Page and Stratford touches on some of the challenges as well as the pleasures of making poetry...."

Anne Simpson (Antigonish Review)

"And Once More Saw the Stars: Four Poems for Two Voices is a major work, not because of its novel mode of creation, but because of its sheer quality and strength of vision: it deserves to be read, and reread."

Times Colonist (Victoria)